The inspiration behind the project

What was my inspiration? My life journey and my two little daughters Sofia and Mila. My eldest Sofia is wonderfully creative and hypersensitive, and my little Mila is a real clown, and very tenacious.

In the last few years, I've been looking for myself. I had constant pain in my chest. In 2019, I realized that it was my soul that was in pain and that for too long I ignored this pain. So I fell into a major depression.

After a lot of soul searching I knew I wanted to do something creative but at the same time help people and make me grow as a person. There was one aspect of myself that I wanted to explore and that was my emotional side, more specifically how I regulated my emotions as well as my self-esteem. When I was a little girl, I lacked love and attention. This has affected my life as an adult. However, I had refused to fall victim and blame others for how I was. The responsibility for who I am rests solely on my shoulders.

So I decided to study emotional intelligence. This was a reveation for me and allowed me to work on myself enormously and helped me in all aspects of my life.

Furthermore, this led me to ask myself the following question: what can I do to meet the needs of my children and that would make me happy at the same time?

It was at that time that I decided to create SOSO MIMI, a company with a mission to design educational & decorative products that will help parents cultivate their children's emotional intelligence and self-esteem, making them more balanced and better equipped to face the challenges of life at any age.

Being a creative person, I absolutely wanted to expand and grow this important aspect of myself. This is why I decided that not only was I going to develop products to help cultivate emotional intelligence and self-esteem but also I was going to give them a sleek and comforting design. This way they can be educational AND decorative... To please both the parents and the kids! My inspiration for the design? Nature. What could be more comforting and natural than that!

In short, my life path has brought me here. I am a big believer in "Everything happens for a reason in life". Listen to the universe and you will find your way. 

Imagine a world where our children would become adults with more self-esteem, more empathy, more sensitivity, more courage, more respect... in short, with more emotional intelligence. What a better world it would be!

If you ask me, that's the kind of world I want to live in ;-) 

#TheArtOfEmotions with SOSOMIMI

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