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Our mission is to design educational & decorative products that will help parents cultivate their children's emotional intelligence and self-esteem, as well as contribute to change the world, one child at a time.


The sleek and unique design of our products
is inspired by nature.
What is emotional intelligence? Click here to learn more.


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The design of SOSO MIMI products is the result of extensive research on the subject of emotional intelligence.

At SOSO MIMI, we are committed to offering parents original products to help them stimulate conversation with their children in order to cultivate their emotional intelligence and develop their self-esteem.

Moreover, nature is at the heart of SOSO MIMI products in two ways.
First, our products are created around five charming forest animals that, based on an educational and playful approach, help children understand and verbalize their emotions.
Secondly, since sustainable development is at the heart of our business philosophy, we favour the use of ecological and recyclable materials, local production and responsible suppliers.


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"WOW what a great discovery!
Unique products that are so helpful in developing children's emotional intelligence!
Lisa is inspiring in her commitment to the optimal development of children! Products from Quebec where learning a second language is possible by combining the development of emotional intelligence! I highly recommend these products and will definitely use them in our clinic!
Thank you for this wonderful discovery!"
- Vickie Bois, Psychoeducator and mom 
"Very nice products, very cute and very well written book to help manage the
emotions of the little ones." 
- Fanny, mom
"These products are really well thought, beautifully designed and the quality, wow, I’m so impressed. I got the book, the pouch, the memory game and the wall art. I recommend all 4 products."
- Denise, mom

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